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1. About Silver Solutions

Our philosophy: If you can describe it, you can build it

At Silver Solutions we love code. It's our daily job. We know that most other people just want things to work. Without having extensive knowledge of coding. That's why we set out to create a platform on which people can build solutions, without writing a single line of code. Basically, if you can describe it, you can build it. 

Agile Development: Keep people involved 

Our platform does not rely on code. You describe your solution and the result is directly there on the screen. Implementing new screens or change existing ones takes minutes or hours instead of days or even weeks. This makes it easy to do iterative development where end-users can be involved to eveluate each step. Better said, the end-users can see the solution evolving from scratch and can provide the necessary feedback at every step. And since we do not rely on code, changes are readily available for the end-users. There is no software to deploy. 

Maximum flexibility: design while you work 

Traditional software requiers a lot of executables, DLL files and more. Any change that is made to the software results in installing new software. And this means downtime for your organization. Since we don't rely on code, you can make changes while other people are using the solution. Just describe the changes. What new fields should be added? What new functionalities? Then preview those changes. 

If you are happy with the results, simply update your running solution. Users will directly see your changes without updating aything. Would you rather develop your changes in a seperate environment? Do some more testing before deploying? We support that as well. Remember, we are developers too. We understand your needs. 

Value your investments: It's your choice 

All too often, implementing a new solution means one or more existing solutions are replaced. We think that in many cases, this is a waste of previous investments. Our solutions run on top of existing applications and databases. This means no replacement of existing software is necessary. Of course, you could replace existing systems. The choice is yours to make that decision.