1. OleDB

Creating and Maintaining a Database Connection

To create a new connection, open the Silver Editor and go to Mapping, Domains. From the top of the list of Domains, click Create Identifier.

New OleDB Identifier

Then fill out the fields for your new connection:

New OleDB settings
  • Identifier
    This is the unique name for this connection. Later on in the configuration, this Identifier is used to refer to this connection. You could use the name of the database, or the application that uses this database. As long as it is a unique name within your configuration.
  • Type
    Different databases have slightly different behavior. To make sure these differences are interpreted correctly, you need to set the type of database for this connection.
  • Connection String
    The Connection String contains the information needed to connect to the database.To find out which Connection String you need, just click the Help Icon on the left which will take you to www.connectionstrings.com.
Frequently Asked questions:
  • How to avoid using Username and Password?
    The Connection String can contain a specific username and password. If you don't want to store this per Connection String, you need to configure this within the Internet Information Server. The Silver Essence Portal runs on a specific Application. The Account that is used to start the Application is the Account used to connect to the the database by default. So if all your databases run on the same server, with the same account, it's easier to use the Application Account.