1. Domains


Every solution needs to have a source or sources for its data. This could be a database, or a webservice for example. Or it could be a combination of multiple databases, mixed with one or more webservices. We currently support the following options:
  • OleDB
    A Read/Write connection to databases that support the OleDB connection. More information on that can be found on www.connectionstrings.com.
  • OData
    A Read/Write connection to OData webservices, depending on the possibilities the webservice provides.
  • ExactOnline
    A Read/Write connection to Exact Online using the Restful API. This is basically an OData connection with some additional settings.

Domain Topics

From each domain, the data structure is read and displayed. For an OleDB connection, this will be the database tables and views. If you connect to an OData webservice or Exact Online, this will be the webservice topics. Hence the general name of domain topics.

By selecting a Domain Topic, the Properties for that Topic are shown. Again, in case of an OleDB database connection, this will be the columns from the database table. For an OData webservice connection, this will be the Properties from within the Topic.