1. Naming

1. Changing the BaseEntity Property Names

When you create a BaseEntity from a domain, the Property Names are copied from the originating source. In many cases, these names are rather technical, often abbreviations and therefor hard to understand for someone who doesn't have in depth knowledge of that source. Keeping the reference to the original name, the Essence Configuration has 2 more options to name the Property.
  •  BaseEntity Property Name
    This is the name which is used in the configuration itself. The end user will never see this in the Silver Essence Portal.
  • BaseEntity Property Label
    This is the name which is used to label the field in the Silver Essence Portal, unless it is overruled by the Label of the BusinessEntity Property.
For easy reference, the name from the domain is shown on the left in the Naming Tool. The current Property Name is also shown. To change the Property Name, change the value in the "Change PropertyName" column:

BaseEntity QuickEditor: Change Property Names

When you click Enter or Tab to exit the field, the change will be saved automatically.

Since the Label should often be the same as the PropertyName, the Label is also changed when the PropertyName is changed and both PropertyName and Label have the same value. In most cases, the quickest way to change the names, is to rename the PropertyNames first. After that, you only need to rename the Labels that should be different instead of all the Labels.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • The PropertyName is shown as read only. Why is that?
    If the BaseEntity is promoted to a BusinessEntity and is already in use, you cannot change the PropertyNames form the QuickEditor anymore. Otherwise references to the Property might be broken and cause errors. 
  • If the BaseEntity is in use, is there no way to change the PropertyName anymore?
    If the BaseEntity is already promoted and in use, you can no longer change the PropertyNames using the QuickEditor. If you go to the Properties and select the Attributes panel, you will see there is a Lock icon shown to illustrate this. If you must change the PropertyName, you can click the Lock icon to unlock the field. You can then change the PropertyName for that Property and save the new value. This will also change the reference in the BusinessEntity Property automatically. You need to validate and update other references manually.

2. Changing the BaseEntity Property Labels

Changing the Labels works the same as changing the Property Names. Click in the field and change the current Label into the desired value. Click Tab or Enter and the change will be saved automatically. 

Changing the Label will not automatically change the Property Name.Once the Label is different from the Property Name, changing the Property Name will no longer automatically update the Label.

3. Filter By DataType

From the Drop Down list on the top of the list, you can filter the Properties shown by Data Type. The list as shown can be maintained exactly the same as described above.