1. QuickEditor

1. Introduction

The BaseEntity QuickEditor lets you configure the most common settings for BaseEntities. This works best if you have just created the BaseEntity, but you can also do it later. The QuickEditor reads and updates the same settings from the BaseEntity Properties. In other words, it makes no difference if you change anything from the individual Properties, or if you use the QuickEditor.

The QuickEditor contains a number of tools. Each with its own purpose. The following tools are available and will be explained in detail in their individual sections.

QuickEditorTool: Naming

With this tool, you can change the name of the BaseEntity Properties and their Labels. For easy reference, the original name from the domain is also displayed.

QuickEditorTool: Entry Form Presentation

With this tool, you can configurate the general presentation for BaseEntity Properties in regards to how they will show up in the user's screen when entering or modyfying data. In other words, you can determine what type of input should be used in the User Interface. You can also specify which fields are to be mandatory.

QuickEditorTool: LookUp Mapping

With this tool, you can define which LookUps should be used when entering or modifying data. A LookUp can behave as a popup window, showing a list from which the user can select an item. Or a LookUp can be displayed as a selection (or drop down) list from which the user can do the selection. Which LookUp list should be used for each Property can be set using this tool.

2. Location

To work with the QuickEditor, go to Mapping, BaseEntities and from the list, select the BaseEntity you want to configure. Expand the QuickEditor from the panels on the right. The Naming tool will be shown by default:

BaseEntity QuickEditor: Naming

You can switch to one of the other tools from the drop down list:

BaseEntity QuickEditor: Select Tool

To have more work space, you can hide the list of BaseEntities on the left by clicking the arrow in the splitter. To switch to another BaseEntity, you can use the drop down list on the top right of the tool:

BaseEntity QuickEditor: Hide List