2. Label

1. Label Configuration

The Label configuration is used to specify how the Property should be shown in the User Interface of the Silver Essence Portal when viewing the data. This could be the case if the user is looking at a list of data, or when the user selects a single item from that list. How the Property is shown when entering or modifying data is not handled through the Label configuration. This is done through the Input configuration.

If you select a Property, the following options can be configured for the label:

BaseEntity Property: Label

Label Text

The Label Text is what's shown in the User Interface of the Silver Essence Portal to indicate what the value is representing. By default the value is copied from the Domain Topic property its created from. Since database table column names are not mend to be seen by end users, the name is often more technical and not always useful. So in most cases you need to change the Label Text to make it easier for the end user.

If you configured a connection to a translation database, you can check the "Show Translations" checkbox. By doing this, the translation for this label is shown in the available languages.

BaseEntity Property: Translations

Control Type

Here you have two options. You can either configure the Label as a plain Label. In this case, the value from the Property will be shown as is. However, you might have the situation where the Property value is a reference value to another table. Example; the Property value contains the Project ID, but you want to display the Project Description. 

In that case, you need to create a LookUp first. A LookUp is a simple list, typically containing an ID, Code and Description. The Property Value is used as the ID to retrieve the correct data. The Code that is configured in the LookUp will be shown as the LookUp Label value, instead of the actual Property Value.

After you created the LookUp, you configure the Label to be a LookUp Label and provide the right LookUp you just created. The option to specify the LookUp is only available after you set the Control Type to be a LookUp Label.

BaseEntity Property: LookUp Label

Style Attribute

The Style Attribute can be used to add additional CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) attributes that will be applied if the Property is shown in the User Interface.